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Professional Roofing Services

As professionals, we go beyond mere shingles to present you with the latest in material technology and the best roofing systems available.  Our specialty is cedar shake, but we also carry several commercial roofing systems for  flat roofs (Bitumen, EPDM, Tapered Insulation, GAF TopCoat, Aluminum Coated) and residential roofing systems (Grand Timberline, Slateline, Grand Slate, Camelot, and Tamko Composite Slate). 

Replacing your roof, whether a home or a commercial complex, is one of the most critical financial decisions you will make regarding your most important investment. Choosing the right professional roofing contractor can make the difference in both the process and the results. AAA-1 Roof Care is the right contractor for your job and we stand behind our work 100%.  Customer satisfaction and quality has been our goal since 1988.

Residential Services

We provide:

bullet Tailored residential and commercial roofing systems
bullet A year-round, full-time roofing staff
bullet Engineering design specific to each roof
bullet Comprehensive customer support services
bullet Highly trained project management team
bullet A dedicated safety manager supervises every job

Our Commitment to you:

bullet Quality workmanship and materials
bullet Professional integrity
bullet Exceptional service
bullet Maximum value

Our Quality Product Manufacturers

Visit Certainteed Website

View what your roof might look like using this beautiful material.  Choose a color you like.  Here is an example:



Also.....check out our current special on  a Presidential TL Ultimate = Lifetime roof for the price of a 30yr roof for a limited time and limited colors available.



1.- Tear off existing shingles
2.- Replace any rotten or bad wood
3.- Install 15 pound felt paper
4.- Install drip edge where needed
5.- Install pipe boots and vents
6.- Install ridge vent system
7.- Install galvanized flashing to (chimney, walls and valleys)
8.- Install shingles
9.- Apply sealant wherever needed to prevent leaks
10. - We give special attention to skylights
11. - Clean all debris from work area
12. - We adhere to all area building codes and apply for all necessary building permits.                                                                                          


Asphalt shingles

1.       Most common roofing material

2.       Available in multiple colors

3.       Differing warranties of 20, 30, 40, 50 years to lifetime

4.       Provides great value

Wood shingles & shakes

1.       Good looking weathers to gray over time

2.       Expensive to install

3.       Requires periodic maintenance

4.       Shakes are good split with a smooth texture


1.       Non-combustible

2.       Should last 50 years if properly installed

3.       Durable and extreme weather climates

4.       Wide range of colors and texture


1.       Variety of colors, style and finishes

2.       Normally very heavy

3.       Highly durable material

4.       Labor intensive installation

5.       Properly installed could last 60 to 80 years


1.       Variety of colors, style and finishes

2.       Normally very heavy

3.       Highly durable material

4.       Labor intensive installation

5.       Properly installed, could last 60 to 80 years


Protect your most valuable asset by using a well established company that has developed the finest methods for application of roofing materials, using the best equipment and materials available today, and the best trained personnel in the industry.  Specializing in cedar shake, composition, and all other types of roofing materials, AAA-1 is the company to use for all roofing, maintenance, and repairs of your roof no matter the roofing material.

Key Benefits

bulletWe genuinely care about your property and we strive to make your project run smoothly. 
bulletOur team provides great service while holding quality and customer satisfaction as our #1 priority
bulletMethods and materials approved for your circumstances
bulletExperience and Quality Service
bulletTrained Employees All With Years of Experience
bulletBest Materials Used Always


Many years of process and technique development combined with proper employee training can assure you of the best possible roofing  solution.




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