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Chevron Shingle Oil

Chevron Shingle Oil is a straw colored, low viscosity (thin) oil designed for use as a shingle or shake dressing for shake roofs, wooden fencing, wood siding, and log homes.  Chevron Shingle Oil penetrates the wood surface to enhance or replace natural oils and resins leached out by cyclical exposure to sun and rain.   Although Chevron Shingle Oil retards the aging process, it will not renew wood that is already weather damaged.  Not to be used on flat surfaces such as decks. 

Key Benefits

bulletImproved appearance ---  Helps maintain the structural strength and stability of the wood by reducing cupping, cracking and splitting caused by cyclical exposure to sun and rain.                                                                 
bulletProlonged useful life --- Prolongs wood's useful life by reducing the effects of weathering.
bulletAbility to retard aging --- Absorbs into the wood and improves the appearance of shake roofs, log homes, wood siding and fencing.


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