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Armor-TEC                 Treatment Information - Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction!

Armor-TEC is the most Technically Enhanced Compound  in the roof cleaning industry today. 

What is Armor-TEC?

A state-of-the-art treatment system for beautifying and protecting roofs infected with mosses, lichens and algae, it was developed in response to the growing need of providing homeowners with a reliable and lasting wood maintenance solution for their cedar shake roofs.  It is a solution of chemicals which has the ability to protect surfaces against water penetration, eliminate and prevent the re-growth of mosses, lichens and algae for up to five years.   Armor-TEC penetrates into the roofing material and protects against further deterioration.  This treatment not only eradicates the growths but protects the roofs from re-infection.   This product is designed specially for waterproofing and enhancing the appearance of existing or new roofing.  It is so formulated that it will penetrate deeply into the substrate to give maximum protection and durability.  Likewise, asphalt shingle, tar & gravel, and tile roofs can be treated to naturally clean the moss and lichen off the roof over several months.

Why use Armor-TEC?

           On Cedar Roofs

Armor-TEC has been formulated specifically for preserving the beauty and prolonging the life of cedar. This blend of proprietary chemicals has been formulated into a base designed to prevent the wood from weathering. It slows down the warping and splitting that occurs as unprotected wood swells and shrinks under the influence of rain and sun.  Armor-TEC leaves a beautiful, water-repellent, modified surface that resists U/V rays and the growth of moss and algae for years.   Black or green discoloration is more than just a cosmetic problem. There are microorganisms causing deterioration of the wood.   Armor-TEC significantly reduces the growth of these microorganisms. Cedar protected against moisture and ultraviolet light are less susceptible to attack from moss and algae.   Many products used in the roofing restoration industry will fail by the second year after application, so choose wisely.  Without an effective protective treatment, the roof will be back where it started in a surprisingly short time.

On Composition Shingle Roofs

Moss, algae & mildew break the bond between the grit and the asphalt, and it also eats into the shingles themselves! The grit protects the asphalt from ultra violet light, which breaks down the asphalt.   An application of Armor-TEC keeps the moss from coming back!  Composition and tile roofs receive a 3 year warranty.        This treatment may be used to eliminate all types of moss, lichen and algae infections on all varieties of roofs and roofing materials.

How is Armor-TEC applied?

It is a one-step treatment process that kills all growth.  Initially a treated roof turns darker in color.  Within a few months, the dead debris breaks down and is washed    away by rainfall resulting in a light silvery gray appearance The newer the roof, the lighter the appearance.   It uses a formula of a moss killer, detergent, and  preservative.  Our formulation is applied in one application that kills, cleans, and prevents the recurrence of moss, mold, fungus, and lichen.  It immediately goes to work - cleaning off moss, algae, mildew, lichen, and fungus, the organisms that break down roofing materials and cause premature roof failure.

Once clean, repaired and dry our technicians will treat your roof with Armor-TEC cedar roof preservative. During application this product has no offensive odors.        This penetrating treatment will restore water repellency, prevent the re-growth of wood destroying mold, mildew and fungus and protect the roof from degradation by sunlight.  A new roof may need treatment in as little as six months from when it is constructed.   If a roof is treated at the time of construction, it can eliminate some of the headaches for some time to come.  It makes the shakes/shingles more supple, keeps them free of microbial re-growth and protects against sun damage.

Will Armor-TEC work?

Armor-TEC immediately goes to work to eliminate infected areas.  It will protect your roof from attack and substantially reduce decomposition and weathering damage to cedar and extend itís life.  It reduces moisture penetration into the cedar, but still allows your shakes and shingles to breathe. This reduces dry rotting, cupping and warping.

Our work is effective and GUARANTEED IN WRITING  with a  5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Is Armor-TEC safe?

Armor-TEC is environmentally responsible and 100% environmentally friendly!   It is water soluble, biodegradable, and does not contain solvents or toxic metals.   It is not flammable, unlike the resin based treatments. This is very important during the dry summer months.   The product will not harm your lawn, shrubs, or animals.  Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

After your roof is treated, you will receive a 5 year warranty against moss re-growth on cedar shakes and cedar shingles (composition and tile roofs receive a 3 year warranty).  This warranty is transferable should you sell your home.

Key Benefits

bulletIt will not injure animals - wild or domestic
bulletProtects against weathering
bulletWorks great on most roofs!
bulletExtends the remaining life
bulletPenetrates the roof deeply
bulletStrengthens cedar roofs
bulletNonflammable treatment
bulletEnvironmentally safe
bulletWritten WARRANTY against moss recurrence
bulletPreserves the roof


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